I'm ready for my shot. Let's rock!

I'm ready to step up and get a vaccine. Don't let anybody fool you, this isn't really a new thing. Decades of knowledge got us to the point where we could create a vaccine for this threat in a short period of time.

The idea that some scientists started with a blank piece of paper eight months ago is ridiculous. Scientists know how viruses work and various ways to combat them. They only had to tailor existing science to target COVID-19.

You know what else? Viruses mutate, and vaccinations will change. There also may be some other methods of minimizing this virus on the drawing board. So when things change don't listen to the absolute idiots saying things like, 'scientists don't know nuthin'' and 'they're always changin' their minds.' That's how science works.

Let's look at some simple advancement. At one point. we thought the best way to carry something was to pick it up. Somewhere along the way, we thought a sled-type device would make carrying stuff easier. Then, someone came up with a wheel, which was the easiest.

But wait...then it snowed, and they found out the sled was best for that. Do you see how knowledge changes based on innovation? No one in this scenario was 'dumb' or 'always changing their mind'; they were using the knowledge they had to come up with the best way to handle things at that moment. This is how science works.

So, yeah, fear of growing a second head or liquifying my kidneys with a new vaccine isn't a real thing. The worse thing is if it doesn't turn out to be as effective as the trial runs, but the law of large numbers says it will be.

Bring that coronavirus vaccine on. I'm ready!

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