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A good friend of the 94.5 FMX family has passed away.

John Hernandez was an all-out rocker and friend of the station. He worked with special needs adults, refinished furniture, loved his family, and loved cooking. I stuck him with the nickname "Sausage John" because the first few times we met him he was bringing us sausage wraps.

Little did we know he'd expand into incredible briskets. He once cooked me the best hamburger I've ever had in my life. It was a stuffed cheeseburger, and it was extra -- just like John.

Have a look at this fellow. He was a friend of ours and he just died from complications of having coronavirus. In fact, these pictures are almost unfair, because John had gotten into weight training over the last few years and was dropping weight and gaining muscle.

The image at the front of this post gives you a much better idea of how fit this guy was before this nasty disease took him out.

Rest in peace, John.

Rest in Peace, Sausage John

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