I can feel we are near the end of this pandemic, and I certainly hope we don't have another one for another 100 years.

I don't know how much longer it will take for us to put COVID-19 to bed. We may never even completely eradicate it, but there will be a point where it's just flare-ups and not something we deal with every day.

Through this pandemic and mostly through the current day, we've been asked to mask up. Heck, we even went through a period where you couldn't buy a mask, at which point the wonderful folks with sewing machines stepped up and started making masks. Then, the world caught up, and even more neat and unique masks became available.

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So that brings us today. Soon, we'll take our masks off hopefully for a long time. But, what about all those cool masks you made or bought? Well, we'd like to see them one last time. Gather up some cool pics of your (hidden) smiley face in your cool custom mask and watch for this post to appear on Facebook to share them.

It would be a shame if you had a cool mask and didn't get an opportunity to display it. We don't care if it was some kind of mass-produced or homemade mask, we think your personality will shine through to make any mask look good. I think we can even afford a couple of FMX prize bags to a couple of people drawn at random.

So take some pics and watch for this to show up on our Facebook. It'll hopefully be some of the last pics we'll have together in our masks.

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