I'm amazed that we still get shows in Lubbock.

The one thing Lubbock has going for it as a concert town is a strong rock radio station to support them. Yup, it's true. That's why Lubbock is frequently chosen over Midland-Odessa, Amarillo and others. That's a lot of responsibility on our shoulders for something we make very little money on.

The truth is some of the mom-and-pop businesses that advertise on 94.5 FMX spend more than some of the biggest concerts. Instead of taking big paydays from shows (if there is such a thing), we focus on having tickets and cool experiences to give away to our listeners.

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This is probably why it can get frustrating that people will flame bands coming to town on social media.

First off, music was meant to bring us together, and second, I have never heard a situation where someone else's favorite band kept someone else's favorite band from coming to town. It's toddler-like behavior to be mad because someone else is getting what they want.

It was already tough out there with decreasing venue availability and bands opting to play festivals, which prohibit them from playing adjacent towns. It's even tougher when promoters have to make decisions based on social media responses. Dragging bands and shows because they aren't your thing doesn't prove anything other than the critic is the problem. In other words, bro, we don't care you're not going; about a million people aren't going. But let the thousands who are going have their fun. 

Very soon we'll be announcing the new date for the twice-postponed In This Moment show and I expect the boo-birds will be out in full force just to hear themselves complain. I think it shows a lot of love for this band to make up for the two lost dates. It would have been very easy for everyone to just quit because of the pandemic, but they didn't. The band wants to honor the date and that's pretty cool.

We can show this band and their friends that Lubbock rocks by embracing this return. If you're not a fan, then just cross your fingers that the next show is for you. Dumping on one band will never, EVER result in another one coming to town. We need to show the promoters and bands that do come to town they're appreciated, even if it's just by not complaining.

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