If you believe percentages, you are more likely to die of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lubbock than in Dallas or Houston.

As of this post, 1,088 Texans have had deaths attribute to the novel coronavirus. When you compare the deaths to each county's population count, things look bad for Lubbock. Let's take a look.

Houston has over four and a half million people and leads Texas deaths with 168. At number two, it's Dallas with a population over two and a half million and a death toll of 143 people.  Dropping down the list at the 6th slot is Lubbock, with a total of 49 deaths with a population of 301,454El Paso, which has a population that is nearly three times the size of Lubbock, is reporting 32 deaths.  As you can see, Lubbock's death rate is extremely high when compared to cities of much, much bigger populations.

Since I know a lot of people love to post, 'yeah, but how many are recovered?, the answer is 308 (as of May 10th), but we actually drop to number 11 in the reported cases to recovery count (that's not a good thing).

You can do the math yourself. Lubbock is doing a poor job of managing this virus. It appears that we closed too late and opened too early, at least according to the math.

No amount of death anywhere is acceptable, but Lubbock's high mortality rate for this disease should at least give everyone pause. Remember to wash up, keep your distance, and be careful out there.

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