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Kelly Bennett, an associate professor at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, posted a sobering message after recently working a day in a local ER.

It's very easy to dismiss the coronavirus or the severity of it if it doesn't affect you. It's easy to not wear a mask and to go on about your business while other families are being torn to shreds. I have one person on my Facebook profile that has lost three people to COVID-19. It's frightening, and it hits some hard and without mercy.

I also have a friend that works in one of the hospitals, and I can confirm that we're already at an all hands on deck stage, with many people from other departments being called in to assist in areas of the hospital affected by the coronavirus.

We have not been hit as bad as New York or even South Texas yet, and hopefully, that day will never come. That does not mean that things aren't already at a very tragic crossroads.

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