I am so glad to hear that the Lubbock Police Department will be enforcing Gov. Abbott's statewide mask order.

I was happy to hear Governor Greg Abbott put a little teeth in his mask order with a $250 fine for those who don't comply. I'm also happy to hear that the Lubbock Police Department has a plan to enforce it.

Lubbock police will first look to "gain compliance," but if you continue to be a jerk, you're getting a warning. The second time around, you're getting a ticket. Lubbock police will also escort folks out of a building for trespassing if they're not wearing a mask.

I hope the City of Lubbock uses this whole thing as a fundraiser. Just keep writing tickets until we've made up all that money that we've lost in our tax base. You can fund the city while improving public health.

The department is placing its officers in the way of the coronavirus by dealing with people who are not wearing masks, so I hope their efforts are appreciated by everyone.

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