A Reddit thread on Lubbock looks at the positive sides of the Hub City.

It's interesting to see what people had to say about Lubbock when asked to say something positive about the place. For those of you who are uncomfortable visiting Reddit, I'll give you some of the highlights.

It seems like far and away the number one positive mention was the traffic -- or lack thereof. Easy commutes and easy navigation also came up quite often.

The cost of living was mentioned, as well as it being "a city but not too big," which is something we'll probably be struggling with before too long. The way the city supports Texas Tech was also brought up.

Now onto some of the more interesting things. First off, a couple of people mentioned "low crime." I'm not sure what stats these folks are looking at, but Lubbock ranks really, really high in its crime rate.

I also like how someone mentions that utilities run through the alleys so that streets don't have to be dug up. I really never thought of that as a plus, but it's actually a good one. I also like the guy who lists dumpsters as a positive "because f*** curbside pickup." Our medical community and West Texas thunderstorms also got thumbs up.

My favorite comment came from somebody who just might have been an FMX DJ who said:

Left long ago, but was sorry to leave behind the cheap rent, the cheap weed, the hot Tech girls and the surprisingly robust array of quality Thai food options. And Taco Villa.-MozemanATX

As for those who thought they'd have a bit of fun, "cocaine and hookers" were mentioned as well as the city's ability to spread venereal diseases.

So there you go. Who knows how many of these people live here, used to live here or are glad they're gone, but it's good to hear some folks try to talk the town up.

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