Thank you so much for this sweet 40th anniversary gift, Lubbock.

Lubbock, Texas rocks. There's no doubt about that. While some rock stations are withering and falling apart, 94.5 FMX has hit number one during the beginning of its 40th anniversary year.

I have to say first that this is horribly bittersweet because I miss our dear Kelly so much and at the same time I'm enjoying my new partner Chrissy so much. That kind of thing will do a terrible number to your head. Let me just say thank you Kelly for this sweet parting gift. I also can't thank Chrissy Covington enough for helping all of us pick our chin up off the ground and helping us march this station forward.

Anchoring your workday and also at number one is Miss Renee Raven who despite being consistently on top still wonders on a daily basis if you really like her. I think by now the answer is you do.

We also have to thank Tony LaBrie and Toni Gonzales with Loudwire Nights for their contributions, our big voice guy Ben Blankenship, my radio pal The Painman, as well as our loose nut Luke who pops in on weekends. Special thanks also to Lance Balance who cleared the weeds so we could see the field.

I'll wrap it up by saying one more time that you guys are the best. We'll continue to work each and every day to make you smile and rock. Thank you for the incredible support and love you've given this radio station.

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