Everybody should get one of these for game day.

Here's a situation about great minds thinking alike. We told our friends at Advanced Graphix/The Matador that they should have a "Raider Red Mustache" mask, and they said they already did. Even crazier: at that time, they were already sold out.

So how hilarious would it be if a TV camera covering an upcoming Texas Tech football game swung around and everyone was wearing the bushiest, most iconic mustache in college football? 'Way hilarious' is the answer.

If you find this as amusing as I do, you can drop by The Matador at 2424 Broadway or 4505 98th Street. You can also get one here. I should mention that they have tons of Texas Tech face mask styles for you to choose from.

Lubbock's Smiling Bush Turns Into the Masked Rider:

Smiling Bush Turns Into the Masked Rider

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