Each week I print out a large stack of winner sheets, and almost every week I run short.

We really do have a lot of winners here at FMX. For instance, on the day before Pop Evil's Lubbock show, we gave away 12 pairs of tickets for that show. Of course, we gave away many before that and gave away some other stuff, but the point is, if we listed every single winner, we wouldn't have time to do anything else. We even have winners on occasion who ask us not to make their names public for various reasons (mostly because they were playing radio games at work).

We gave away four tickets to see Metallica in Lubbock in 2019 before the presale for the show even started. We contacted the winner and told him when he could pick up his tickets. No big -- we have digital winners all the time in addition to the over the air stuff. For some reason, some folks keep asking who won.

Well, your big winner was Cruz Lopez, who told us he was at the Metallica show in Lubbock way back in 2004. He even took a photo of himself in his favorite t-shirt. (Well, other than his FMX t-shirt...right, Cruz?)

Cruz Lopez
Cruz Lopez

So I guess if you know Cruz, you can now hit him up for tickets or something. Sorry we didn't make a big deal out of it, but before it's all said and done we'll have at least 30 more winners for Metallica tickets.

You can trust us to make sure every one of those winners gets selected and given their prize. It's what we do, and what we've done for over 37 years.

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