Online trolls blow me away.

It's amazing how low-comprehension folks will judge you from a headline and/or just not understand when you're trying to make a point.

We post many, many articles about Lubbock. Would you like to guess why? It's because we're from, and are located in, Lubbock. We post our articles to be read, not because we get some joy out of hitting typewriter keys. I highly doubt we'd have any readers on our home turf if we just posted articles about Hackensack, New Jersey.

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Now let's look at your life. Do you wish you had more money? Do you wish you were a bit prettier? Do you wish a magic fairy would make the dog-doo in your yard disappear? If you're like, say, any human, you want things to be a little better. This does not mean you're not happy with what you've got, it just means if someone was passing out wishes, there are a few items here and there you'd wish for.

Well, the same goes for us. The 94.5 FMX crew wouldn't trade Lubbock and our loyal listeners for the world, but we still think Lubbock would be better with less dust and more cool places to eat.

One more item before we close, because I have a specific example. I recently wrote an article about the nastiest things in Lubbock. Does that mean I think Lubbock is nasty? No. It just means that among everything else, there are some areas with room for improvement.

I'd also like to add that our website hosts many different writers from many different places, and even though they also write with love in their hearts, maybe you should see who wrote whatever thing is putting a burr under your saddle before you get mad at an entire radio station.

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