Isn't it funny that I have to warn you about the picture ahead of time when all you had to do was drive by Texas Tech yesterday and you would have seen this in person?

Yes, legends have been told of the great Texas Tech snow penis of 2015. And now, it's returned -- bigger, better, and with more structural integrity.

Yes, this is why we call our Texas Tech students "Fearless Champions." They didn't let the ultimate destruction of the 2015 snow penis get them down; they waited and planned (?) for two years for the next super snowstorm so they could resurrect the snow penis for all the families that drive by to see.

Congrats, kids -- this took all the artistic talent of a three-year-old make a turd out of playdoh.

Okay, yeah, it's kind of funny, but wouldn't it have been cooler if you made something that Tech could be proud of and could stand for a couple of days? Yes, I'm talking about a snow-gina. Imagine the mileage you would've got out of frat boys humping some giant genitalia.

Snow-gina. Let's make this a goal for the next Lubbock snowstorm.

Here's a picture of some guys worshiping yesterday's giant penis:


And, of course, video:

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