Why can't people just behave?

Another group of Chads and Beckys decided to go toe-to-toe at Buffalo Springs Lake. These groups, who are definitely old enough to know better (unlike last time), brawl boy-on-boy, before flipping the switch to girl-on-boy, boy-on-girl, and every other possible combination.

The video has no context for the fight; it's just a bunch of people fighting. If I had to guess, I would say they are fighting over how tacky it is for that guy to be wearing the American flag as swim shorts, or possibly it was a dispute over whether Asian Murder Hornets are really a thing or not. Then again, they could be fighting over the blinding colors of grandmas outfit and whether they are age-appropriate or not.

I certainly hope the lake administrators found these groups and gave them a permanent ban card. There's no reason for this behavior, even if you've had a half of a White Claw after a day in the sun. Let this also serve as a reminder: if you're going to act like a jerk in the public, someone is going to film it.

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