I have had a couple of great experiences with local businesses.

It's weird doing something out of your comfort zone the first few times, but let me say that I'm really happy with the results.

Let's start with United Supermarkets Delivery. I went online and picked the stuff I needed. The graphics were good and the descriptions were great. With each item, you can select "allow of substitutions." I had to schedule my delivery about a week out due to demand, but that didn't really bother me.

When my delivery arrived, I found I had received everything I asked for except for one substitution: our Dawn dishwashing soap had been switched out for Ultra Ajax...which we ended up loving.

Next up was some online interaction with the guys at Ralph's Records. I was wanting to shop their selection of Nintendo Switch games. They immediately sent me a picture of the stock. The next day I selected a game, went ahead and paid with a credit card over the phone (or you can do it there). I drove up, and before I could even say anything, someone from Ralph's was helping me with the order. They brought out the game to my car, I threw it over on the floorboard, and boom, we were done.

That's two experiences, and I'd rate them both as excellent. I suggest rather than whine about not being able to shop the normal way, you look and how convenient and time-saving delivery and pickup can be.

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