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How'd did you like that flooding yesterday?

On Tuesday, May 24th, Lubbock flooded in all the usual places. So why is that? Why is it that we know where it's going to flood yet we do absolutely nothing about it? It's mostly because Lubbock has the most redneck approach to flooding ever. As a matter of fact, the rednecks I know have so much more ingenuity than the City of Lubbock has.

In case you don't know, Lubbock's "plan" is for stormwater to run off the road and end up in the playa lakes. There's a big problem with this plan: NOBODY TELLS THE WATER. That's right, the water from the rain runoff has a mind of its own. The rain does what it does and doesn't really care about where we want it to go.

On the other hand, every time we get a big rain, we know where the problems are. I promise you that people are dispatched to the same places and motorists are warned where not to go. Still, it doesn't seem that anyone is proactive on this problem at all. It's almost as if a meeting was held that said it's cheaper to deal with occasional destruction than to keep it from happening in the first place.

Let's also try to be fair. I wonder what it would be like if there were no plans at all? I'm having a hard time thinking it could be worse. We would still be dealing with monster waves at Loop 289 & Quaker, there would still be fish in the streets near some area parks and shoppers would still have to use that bridge at that one Market Street.

The stormwater fee on my utility bill wouldn't be so bad if I saw some concrete results from it. Right now it just feels like an extra tax.

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