I hope you folks on unemployment will remember this.

Unemployment is like anything else: there a lot of good folks who need the help, and some who abuse the system. Lately, business leaders have been blaming the supplemental unemployment benefits for their lack of workers. This has resulted in some states terminating unemployment programs, the latest of which is Texas.

A couple of unemployment programs will end in Texas on June 26th since Governor Greg Abbott sided with business. This is called Corporatocracy, where corporations run the state, and it has good and bad sides. While we've seen some very good corporate citizenship lately, helping to kill these benefits may not be among their best achievements.

You've heard over and over again that "no one wants to work," but please notice that the people who claim this are the same who pay the lowest wages. Where this is a real concern is that there are people who had nice-paying jobs that lost their work, too. Canceling these programs is going to hit the folks that lost a good job especially hard.

Workers who were getting extra cash from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program can expect it to end on June 26th. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which was mostly for people who couldn't get traditional unemployment (self-employed, gig workers, etc.), is also gone.

I have no doubt that all of this needed to expire at some point, but it just seems kind of dumb to not take help when it's offered. I also hope these corporations realize that having less unemployment help means these folks will have less money to spend as well.

Whichever side of this thing you're on, I certainly hope you'll hold your politicians responsible when it's time, because this may be a defining moment for the Texas economy.

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