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A lot of bars are reinventing themselves right now.

I'm actually pretty excited about a number of the bars out there turning themselves into bar-restaurants. Yes, it's a work-around to allow these places to open up again, but there's a lot of upside to this type of thing.

First off, the innovation and new menu items offered should make visiting a lot of these places a lot of fun. Next up, requiring or just making food available at these former bars should actually cut down on some tipsy driving. Lastly, I think these business owners deserve a chance to prove they can operate in a safe way.

I hope everyone will get out and support these reinvented bar-restaurants. I just don't see the downside to this. You're gonna make me have some nachos with my beer? I'm 100 percent down. I know that most of this will come down to "bar food" along the lines of burgers and wings, but even then, I'm excited to experience various takes on the old standards.

I have to tell you that before the coronavirus plague hit, I was hitting a beer joint every month for over two years to host comedy. Out of the dozens and dozens of times I was in there, I probably only had three beers, but I had food every time I went into that place, and it was excellent.

I think, and I really hope, that these reinvented businesses see their regular bar clientele come back and attract some of us looking for fun food as well.

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