There will be at least one great thing about 2020 because you made FMX no. 1 again.

It's tough out there, man. It's also tough to figure out who to be in the middle of all of this COVID-19 nonsense. We've tried to let our hearts and our love for our audience lead the way. We try to be a part of your life and talk about the things you're talking about.

We NEVER forget that the most important person is YOU. Some of you have been with us from day one. It's crazy to me that a rock station is no. 1 in Lubbock, Texas. I moved here three years before FMX launched, and it was a dreary scene of lazy country stations and half-ass top 40 stations. (Oh, and let's not forget the churches screaming over the radio, too.) I, myself, thought the future was bleak...until the day the FMX bomb dropped.

We also appreciate you supporting our digital side. The on-air and digital are two separate animals run by some people who crossover to both, and others that are exclusive to one or the other (we're like that guy that sells good-ass barbecue and foot massages).

Our digital has been the no. 1 radio brand in Lubbock since the days of email blasts and message boards. We know sometimes it's tough to find out that your favorite smiley DJ has a different opinion than you, but we appreciate that we can get back together through the love of music.

Now back to that music. We've been doing this since January 18th, 1981, and I've been involved in all but about four or five of those years. I have to say I'm thankful for all the wild and crazy years, but I also like the fact that we've developed this deep connection.

As for The RockShow, we're grateful that we can install some smiles while also playing music. Music brought me to the radio, and I think it's essential to start the day.

I also want to thank The RockShow RoadCrew. People come in and out, but thanks to: Steven Kelly, Nick Harpster, Courtney Headley, Courtney Boozer, Brent Odell, Saundra Sanchez, Suzie Shay, Stephanie McCoy, A.J. & Robin Burkett, Jerimiah Zorola, our newbies Tristan Glover, Ana Astorga-Harper & Miquel Meza, and everyone who has dropped in with an opinion or joke or two.

So again, thank you for a killer start to our 39th year. Let's make it 40, shall we?

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