As you probably know, Lubbock was swarmed by an army of tumbleweeds this year.

So why so many tumbleweeds? Well, I would deduce that we had the right combination of weather to grow 'em, and the right amount (and direction) of wind to blow 'em.

The tumbleweed incursion has been well documented this year, and I personally saw them lined up on one of the North Loop access roads as if they were waiting in a lunch line. They were definitely thick and plentiful this year.

attachment-brice-cooper-Iv7TXaYH9wU-unsplash (1)

The problem is, how do you dispose of them? When I've had the odd one or two at my house I've either kicked them down the road (so arrest me) or I've done my best to smash 'em up and put them in a dumpster. But what do you do if you have a plethora of tumbleweeds? Well, the City Of Lubbock has an answer in the form of a just-received news release.

City of Lubbock Solid Waste Department Offering Additional Options for Tumbleweed Disposal

In an effort to assist residents with tumbleweeds, from Thursday, January 5 through 5:00 p.m. Monday, January 9, the City of Lubbock will have additional containers at the four citizen convenience centers and free access to Caliche Canyon Landfill, located at 8425 North Avenue P, for residents to drop off tumbleweeds.

The four citizen drop-off stations are located at:

  • Southside: 1631 84th Street
  • Northside:  208 Municipal Drive
  • South Milwaukee: 7308 Milwaukee Avenue
  • North Quaker: 4307 Adrian Street

Now here's the big do you transport a bunch of tumbleweeds? I'm hoping you have a big truck with some tie-downs or a friend with a trailer. Good luck on ridding yourself of those tumbleweeds.

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