As I mentioned before, when all of this is said and done, let's not forget how weird this pandemic has been.

It had been two weeks since my last trip to the grocery store and I was surprised at how full the supermarket shelves are getting. The shelves may not be packed, but there doesn't seem to be as many things running low as before.

Fritos, which a grocery worker once told me 'you're not going to be able to get those until September,' seems to be making a comeback. The dog food aisle, which was getting a little worrisome to me, was completely full this morning. Cat food is still a little hit or miss, however. There are more than enough types of pasta even if your favorite brand may be running a little low.

I'm also happy to report that canned chili, soups, ramen and alfredo sauce are rarely in short supply. There are frozen pizzas and pot pies galore. Not only is Ortega taco sauce back, but Signature has also come out with an even cheaper version of the already inexpensive product.

So what's the "one item that has not come back to most Lubbock stores"? The answer is saltine crackers. Apparently, this isn't just a Lubbock thing either as I've found other posts describing the shortage around the country

The lack of basic crackers is described as a supply chain issue, which begs the question, does it take some kind of special truck to haul crackers? Seriously, I don't even know why this is a thing.

I will say personally that some good came out of it for me because I discovered Cheez It Hot and Spicy, but I can't wait for good o'l basic Nabisco Saltines to make a comeback.

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