A coach could overcome a bad win-loss record if they're you're ingrained in a community.

Kliff Kingsbury
Justin Massoud, 1340TheFan.com

Kliff Kingsbury was hired because he was "one of us" -- because he played for Texas Tech and the community felt he'd stick with the job. Now, the community apparently doesn't want to stick with Kliff. I think he has himself and not necessarily a string of losses to blame on that.

Coach Kingsbury has to be the most inaccessible coach we've ever had. Sure, he does a few scheduled public appearances and a few things here and there, but he isn't out there mixing it up with the folks that buy tickets.

The proof is in the pudding. Ask your friends if they've ever met him. Ask them if they think he's a good guy or not. Most have not ever met him or seen him anywhere outside of a press conference or on the sidelines. I hate to say this, but even Tommy Tuberville made a regular march through campus among the students.

I don't think win-loss records get you fired at this level; I think it's empty seats. There were a lot of empty seats at Saturday's game against Kansas State. Coach Kingsbury has given Lubbock no reason to judge him on anything else other than his win-loss record, and that is not going so well.

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