This post from a Lubbock ex-patriot is a real eye-opener.

My apologies for not bringing this to you sooner, but I was hoping for a visit with Marc before publishing. I, however, found this far too important to pass over. Keep in mind that everything Marc mentions below was true as of June 18th. Since that time, things have gotten much, much worse in Lubbock.

It's hard to find an area where we aren't sucking in our coronavirus response. It just seems like everything could have been done much better. I'm not singling out the government, either. Citizens in the U.S. could have taken more precautions to prevent the spread of this disease, too.

The flippant attitude toward the COVID-19 continues up to this moment, with really, really lax adoption of face masks and simple requests to leave family and friends at home when shopping. There also have been tons of documented cases of a lack of social distancing, and we've even had one bar have their liquor license suspended for not following rules set in place for the public health.

We tend to think of ourselves as one of the most advanced, superior countries, and that makes all of this even more of a letdown. We could still be implementing steps that could save lives, and yet, we do not.

I hope you will read Mr. McGinley's overview of the situation in his hometown versus his adoptive hometown. The difference in response and cases is absolutely striking.

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