I can't even believe we're having this discussion again.

Apparently, a local TV station has made it their goal to bring up tornado sirens again. I guess they have an Outlook reminder set up that says 'don't forget to bitch about tornado sirens.'

They've made this their personal cause, and it's just so ridiculous. The world has embraced technology. Even the panhandlers on the street have cellphones. Giant horns are not going to add anything to the equation except for annoying regular tests, which will ultimately also lead to folks ignoring them.

Now, once again, I'd like to see that same TV station be asked to give up their antenna for free to hang these beasts from. Then, we'll see their level of commitment.

Prudent measures should always be taken when it comes to saving lives. We ARE in tornado country. All of that is understood. The question is, are giant horns prudent? And the answer is, 'no, they are outdated.'

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