The final I's are being dotted and T's being topped for two great shows. Let's tease you further.

Rock concert

The first show to be discussed is the one I discussed before. It's an artist/band that's visited us in the last couple of years and specifically requested that Lubbock be included on their new tour. That, my friends, is a big deal. They've got a super hot opener with them, and possibly a very well established middle band.

The next show to be discussed is the FMX Birthday Bash. Even though this show will most likely happen in February, there's a strong chance that it will be announced very, very soon. What can I say but we're going in a slightly different direction with this Bash. I have always thought of the Bash as a family reunion, and we're going to take care of a bit of the family that has been left out to a small degree.

So, exciting times are ahead as the Fall and Winter concert season unfold. Make sure you're an FMX VIP and have downloaded the FMX app. You never know how, or even when, we'll drop the news on these shows.

Also, please note these are two shows in addition to The Nixons show announcement (we're pretty excited about that one too).


    Insane Brawl at Charley B's in Lubbock, Texas

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