I'm a regular shopper at Amigo's, and the new measures put into place by The United Family are working.

I was in Amigo's about 10 days ago and then again over the weekend. They've added one-way aisles (more on that later), floor stickers, plenty of reminders in the store and plexiglass between you and the cashier and sackers.

Last week, it was the last free-for-all that I thought I'd ever go to. It just seemed like people didn't get it. I figured I'd just order delivery and that would be it. This week, it was so enjoyable that I don't think I'll have any problem going back to the supermarket at all.

The thing that has made the most difference is the one-way aisles. Now, first off, this doesn't mean you start at one place of the store and make your way through like a maze. It's the aisles that are one way. The areas outside of the aisles, the wider areas, are still mostly free-flowing. It just makes for a much better, less stressful and obviously better shopping experience.

Let me also say that there were no shopper cops who are beating people over the head with a corn on the cob enforcing these rules. People were respecting these rules just to be good people with very, very few exceptions.

I also found that other shoppers were being pretty awesome about watching out for everyone else's bubble. Best of all, everyone seemed to be in a pretty darn good mood.

I'm aware that some people are still melting down because they can't walk into a store like they always have and breathe their hot breath on the back of people's necks, but for my money, some of these ideas make shopping more fun for people like me to begin with.

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