Sometimes I believe that karma might actually be a thing.

Lubbock resident Nichole Shipman has been dealing with a couple of thieves breaking into her home. She caught the guys on camera sneaking into her backyard. She came home and while she was still sitting in her car in the driveway, she allegedly noticed a man trying to steal one of her bikes. She "spooked" him and he took off on his bicycle.

He didn't get far before slamming into the back of a trailer parked on the street. Ha!

Make sure when you watch the video with your sound is on. The sweet bang of justice as he crashes into the trailer is just too good to miss. If you've had issues with break-ins around town, you aren't alone. Lubbock has been Gotham City lately.

This video is at least a little bit of justice.

Here are a few more videos from her security cameras. If you think you might know who these guys are, please report it to the local authorities. Nobody likes a thief and it's up to everyone in town to keep this city safe. Who has patience for stuff like this? Not me.

Do they look familiar to you? This happened in the area of Maxey Park. Hopefully, they're caught soon. I feel like I'm seeing more and more videos of people casing houses in town. Every time I use the NextDoor app, someone else shares a video of a bunch of losers checking car doors in the middle of the night. Not cool, dudes.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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