We knew the FMX Birthday Bash was going to be special; it always is.

So what's a guitar player to do if he gets thirsty while playing? Well, go get a drink, of course!

We have two versions of this epic moment for you. The first being the one above without audio that you can watch at work, and the second being the original with audio included, which is below.

In the video, Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz rocks his way through the crowd at the 37th FMX Birthday Bash, gets a drink, and even pauses to mess with the merch guys. It's just the behavior you'd expect from someone who once played an entire FMX Purple Party gig in a sombrero. This guy is just a nut and this was a very fun moment from the show.

Our special thanks to longtime listener and total rocker Armando Alaniz, vocalist for Violent Vendetta, for the video! You can watch the unedited video he shot below.


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