By now you've probably already heard the news: The former Wild Burger location on 50th Street will now be the third location of Lubbock's Breakfast House.

House Eggs Benedict with Fruit & a Huge Omelette with Stuffed Hash Browns
House Eggs Benedict with Fruit & a Huge Omelette with Stuffed Hash Browns

I already can't say enough good things about Lubbock's Breakfast House. I don't go to sit-down restaurants often, but when I do, it's almost always the Breakfast House. It's just great food, any time of day, that doesn't taste like it was cooked somewhere else and shipped to Lubbock in a zip lock bag. Anyways, enough praise for their food.

I am writing this because l previously published a blog about the need to keep business inside, or really close to, The Loop. In short, it saves on travel times, keeps property values up and keeps us from having to do a giant revitalization sometime in the future. We just have too much abandoned retail space inside the Hub that could be used for new businesses.

Having The Breakfast House inhabit that spot on 50th Street is going to bring some great quality homestyle cooking to the heart of Lubbock. Everybody wins with this move. This is the kind of thing that our city needs to be pushing. There's no reason why one of the bigger wing shops or craft beer pubs couldn't pick up some vacant space and turn a whole area around. Through market studies, tax incentives or just plain invitations, we can keep the heart of Lubbock vibrant and looking good.

Way to get it started, Lubbock's Breakfast House!


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