A lot of people are asking the question "when will things get back to normal?".

My best guess of what people mean when they ask when will we get back to normal is, "when we will be able to go about our day without thinking of Coronavirus?"  To that question, the answer is probably never. Oh, it will be a minor footnote, but just like with the flu, there will probably be a time of the year where you are at least mildly concerned.

The real answer is when either a vaccine is found or when the proper combinations of treatments are put together so that having C-19 is just an inconvenience for most. This disease just hit the U.S. in January and it has not peaked, so it's not even possible to compare it with other diseases no matter how hard anyone tries.

My question is "what kind of normal do you want to get back to?".  I'm hoping we go back as better people who are proud of the way we stepped up during some scary times. I am NOT a fan of those people screaming and yelling on social media or at public demonstrations. Those people are all showing their true colors right now and things will never be normal for them. For the rest of us, we will be a little battle-weary and we'll trickle back to the clubs, concerts, and events in time.  I believe jobs will trickle back along with those crowds and we'll have more respect for those on the frontlines or doing jobs that were taken for granted.

We are in Lubbock, Texas my friends, the seventh most recession-proof city in America. We need to just keep our hands washed, our chins up and work towards being proud of the way we looked out for each other during this crisis.

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