I mentioned this on Monday's show, and I still can't find anything.

As I was preparing this article, I received a message from the CEO of my company about the killing of George Floyd and the resulting protests and vandalism that have taken place. This makes me pretty proud to work for the guy, because he is doing something that our city leaders have not bothered to do.

Right now, there's an ember burning in Lubbock, and it could become a flame if the protests in town are not acknowledged. You might think that Lubbock is too nice or too small for anything serious to happen, but why not at least get out in front of all of this?

Why have no city officials released a statement, touted our own diversity efforts, or even expressed sympathies over George Floyd's tragic killing? We reached out to the city for a public comment at about 9:45 a.m. on June 1st. We'll see what comes back.

Let's not forget that Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope wasted no time being a part of a vehicle protest/parade to open Lubbock back up even though most were following his orders to be closed. You would think he'd have the foresight reached out to citizens or protesters and take an official position on these matters.

The core of solving our problems right now is for protestors and officials to start a dialogue on how to improve this situation. I believe it's the city's responsibility to take the first steps in making that happen.

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