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I exposed the great Alfredo sauce coverup in Lubbock, and now I may or may not be onto another one.

I never had problems getting the stuff other people were hoarding during the coronavirus pandemic, like toilet paper. It's always the weird stuff with me.

For the longest time, Alfredo sauce was really hard to find. I guess it's just an easy to fix meal, so people were buying it up and stocking their pantries. For a while, I couldn't find chili powder. Pasta and flour were also in short supply and it took forever for, get this, hot dog chili to get back on shelves (in the small cans).

So the latest thing I can't find is taco sauce. Now, I like salsa and hot sauce as much as the next guy, but every once in a while I like taco sauce, specifically Ortega Taco Sauce, but I haven't been able to find any of any brand.

I went to three different stores on three different days in my search. I looked by the salsa, the hot sauces, the dollar area (it's often there) and the taco shells area. ZERO. Am I looking in the wrong place, or is/was there a shortage? I found out I could order a bunch online, but all I want is some of that cheap, usually a buck, taco sauce and not a whole case of it.

So, any taco sauce sightings out there? As I said, I only use this stuff once in a while, but now that I can't get it, I really want it.


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