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Anytime is a good time for gratitude.

Every once in a while I like to take a moment and appreciate what I DO have. I actually think, 'I'm glad I was alive to experience this.' Maybe you can relate to some of this and think of some of the good things that have happened while we're in this crazy pandemic.

1. New albums from Marilyn Manson and Blue Oyster Cult. I was so digging deep into the Marilyn Manson and I'm positive I'll circle back around. Then, the legendary Blue Oyster Cult released their first album in over 20 years and it's an unbelievable masterpiece. It's one of those albums where each day I have a new favorite song. I purchased the original Agents of Fortune in 1976, and though none of these songs will ever be as epic as "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," the new album, as a whole, is better.

2. My cooking skills have improved. On day one of the coronavirus lockdown, I learned how to make tortillas and they have gotten progressively better. Any burrito tastes incredible with homemade tortillas. I also perfected my stir-fry noodles game. All it took was a visit to the Asian Mart for the right noodles, and now, I'm a noodle-slinging playa.

3. I'm more comfortable relating to my friends. I go live on Facebook several times a week and share my collectibles, music, and even thoughts on the world with my friends. A lot of them say it has helped them stay connected and it also does wonders for clearing my mind.

4. My new morning show partner, Chrissy. I'm still surprised that you aren't listening to a syndicated program mornings on 94.5 FMX. The commitment Townsquare Media has made in keeping FMX mornings live and local is incredibly commendable. It would have been very easy for them to slide a cheaper product into mornings, and they didn't.

5. I got to have Halloween. Nightmare On 19th Street was incredibly successful and a huge, safe break for many during the pandemic. Sure, it wasn't near a normal season turnout, but it was better than expected, and I'm good with that. I really appreciate that we were able to open in a safe manner and our patrons worked with us with minimum fuss.

So what about you? Focus on some positive things, and you may find that this year wasn't that bad.

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