Costco is now limiting fresh meat purchases to three items due to the slowdown.

Here's the funny thing: you can get three items of fresh meat, but apparently you can still buy frozen meat on top of that. is this a problem?

Now, I can't find any hard and fast rules, but aren't their meat packages enormous to begin with? How are you going to go through three humongous packages of fresh meat before it goes bad? I guess maybe it's a problem if you're a commercial business, but I think most of them use suppliers, like Ben E. Keith.

Just keep in mind that anyone could pretty much buy the three fresh, some frozen, then come back when the next shift takes over. All of this hoopla over giving people a decent shot at feeding their families.

Of course, people online are freaking out at this slight inconvenience with no thought towards other people's needs. Then again, I guess it's not the poor folks that have a Costco card. Still, the complaints are coming hot and heavy along, with suggestions on how to game the system.

When you get right down to it, the meat hoarders are no less ridiculous than those people who have a garage full of toilet paper right now.

A lot of businesses may limit items right now to fight back against these ghouls that have lost their empathy and humanity. Please be better than that.

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