I  understand politicians and their dirty deals. What I don't understand is someone dumb enough to put it on display.

A fringe conspiracy spewing radio host and/or one is his friends put together a "Funeral for Small Business" in Lubbock this weekend. But the idea was so repulsive because real people are dying that they renamed it "The Rolling Protest for Small Business." They tied up Lubbock traffic and several Lubbock police officers to parade 38 (mostly very expensive) cars and trucks down 34th Street. One of the cars even had balloons, 'cause got-dern they're serious!

Let's start with a minor thing because it's bothering me: who issued the parade permit? Did they pay the fee? Because I certainly had to pay a fee when our parade was about motorcycle safety.

The point of this rolling protest was to protest the mayor's stay-at-home declaration related to the coronavirus pandemic, which should have been issued days earlier. Here's where things get crazy. The mayor was in the parade that was essentially protesting the mayor's stay at home declaration. Yes, you read that correctly.

Now that your brain is fried like an 80s anti-drug commercial, let's continue. There was also at least one county commissioner and one city councilman in the parade, too. This would all be fine and dandy if they were making a stand, but everyone was hiding behind tinted windows. Even the businesses involved didn't want to be named in fear of reprisal from the community.

All of this makes the whole thing look A) really sinister, as if they're trying to manipulate public opinion in secret, or B) dumb as a bag of hammers.

Now, let's pause for a quote from the esteemed Wes Nessman:

"Patriots are people willing to sacrifice for their country, not people who protest because their country asks them to make sacrifices"-W. Nessman, esq.

I am not against opening up, in fact, I thought Gov. Abbott's orders were pretty sensible and a good first step. What I am against is a group of cowardly, two-faced local politicians that use their public face to tell the citizens to stay home, but then do something completely different from behind tinted windows.

This whole thing stinks like Sunday morning at the feed yards. It's also very troll-like behavior to operate and criticize from the shadows, while showing all the backbone of a bicycle tire.

The Mayor is either an embarrassment or a fool who allowed himself to be used as a patsy by those smart enough to stay hidden. What a way to send a message to the people of Lubbock.  At this point, I'd rather trust the future of Lubbock to a feral cat in a helmet.

Lubbock Small Business Rolling Protest

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