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The next logical step to opening Lubbock back up is for a city-wide mask order.

Each step we take to minimize the transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) helps. When someone wears a mask, they're protecting YOU from the coronavirus in case they're infected. When you wear one, you are protecting them in return. If everyone is wearing a mask, we can starve this virus.

So why isn't this a thing? Well, a lot of people lack common sense and empathy. They have an attitude of 'I'm not sick, so it doesn't matter.' The answer to that is, you could be sick, you just don't know it yet.

Making masks required for a month is also a great way to get past the awkwardness in having just some people wearing masks. If everybody's doing it, then it's no longer a problem for you to walk into some places with your face covered. There's also the fact that more people will do it when they see others masked (it worked for buying toilet paper).

We've made sacrifices to slow the spread of this disease. One more step will help greatly. Let's do this thing.

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