The RockShow asked 94.5 FMX fans whether or not they thought gambling should be legal in Texas. A poll is available in this article if you missed it and you'd still like to vote, but we thought we would share our results so far and some of the reasons Texans believe gambling should or should not be legal.

So far, the poll is in favor of legalizing gambling but has only received 35 votes. We mainly received comments with reasons as to why we should or shouldn't be able to gamble. Here are a few of the answers from our FMX Facebook page.


"If the gambling regulations they apply are brutal and keep owners of such businesses in check I don't see why not. So long as it's not as predatory as microtransactions in video games that are directed towards kids. Grown-ups should be responsible for themselves." - Deamonte J.

"Creates jobs and brings in revenue from other states. Yes." - James R.

"Hell yeah, maybe I could go to a game room without it being full of tweakers" - Nathan N.

"Yes, I’m tired of driving out of state to play legal blackjack." - Todd C.

"Hell Yes!!! It already is with the politicians controlling it." - Mark H.

"Yes, I'm tired of losing money at McDonald's." - Russel T.

"When you travel to New Mexico or Oklahoma or Louisiana to gamble, just take a look at the license plates in the parking lot of casinos and it’s mostly Texas plates. So why spend money in lake Charles Louisiana, or Ruidoso New Mexico. Legalize casinos and keep the money in Texas. Pretty much a no brainer." - Kelly K.

"1st thing 1st let's legalize marijuana first then go to gambling" - Ricky P

" All of our neighboring states bank off of Texans going out of state for such entertainment. I'd rather the money benefit Texans!" - Charles M.

"Why F@#$ Yeah!!! Instead of us going to New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Freaking Texas needs to legalize gambling already, if they don't feel like legalizing Marijuana then the f@#$ing politicians need to legalize gambling here...." - Jose F.

"Yes, but churches won’t like it since it could cut into their offering plates." - Peter R.

"Jesus shouldn’t have a problem with a little innocent bet. It’s not his department. They already have the lottery and our elderly need a place to hang out in their golden years. So many benefits to casinos." - Shannon L.

"Gambling hurts many families. So no I would not be for it. The lotto should go away as well. Legalize weed instead." - Daniel C.
"Are we not rugged individuals? Should we not have the ability to choose what we do with our money? Why am I allowed to take out incredibly high-interest payday loans, but not gamble? Why is the lottery okay? Why is bingo okay? Raffles? What makes a casino different?" - Renee Raven
"People already gamble in the game rooms. They are always the targets of robberies. I think if it were legalized it would be safer." - Timothy H.
"Driving in Lubbock makes me feel like its already legal" - JJ H.
"I think gambling should be legal everywhere, as well as all narcotic substances.
People are responsible for their own selves. It isn't corporations or governments business wtf any of us do on our own time. Besides... the world could use a little bit more Darwin." - Jeremy G.
"We've already been gambling by playing the stock market. It's our damn money lol!" - Izzy M.
"It should be, I don’t see why the government should tell me what I can or can’t do with my money, they already steal taxes might as well let me enjoy what’s left" - Brandon G.
"Taco bell exists so I'd say it's already legal" - Miguel L.
"Researched number of years ago. The negatives far outweighed any positives, including an increase in the criminal element." - Kat C.
"For many people, each fart is a gamble" - Wes Nessman
Well, there you have it, folks. I had dozens of responses, nearly completely in favor of gambling being legalized in Texas. Very few Texans disagreed. Perhaps someday we will really get on the same level as the majority of the United States.
Until then, see you in New Mexico!
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