What a jaw-dropping lineup.

I've actually been craving a Korn show. I've mentioned it on the radio a number of times. I wasn't even aware that they were available for our area. I'm now wondering if I somehow manifested this show. If that's the case, then you're welcome.

I've seen Korn multiple times and they're always a next-level experience. Somehow having Evanescence on the bill makes this a 1+1 equals 5 situation. I know I used that concept yesterday, but it's true. It's almost like a Beauty & The Beast lineup, except The Beast is 40 stories tall. Korn has delivered hit after hit and still deliver devastating live shows. Evanescence is just transcendent. They lift you up, and then Korn will smash you back down to earth, over and over again. Palaye Royal and Dana Dentata will open the show.

Here's your first chance to win: Download our station app right here, turn on push notifications for 'Contests' and we'll send you a link to win a pair of tickets in the Korn Kickoff. Plus, we'll give you a heads up on other great giveaways for the 41st FMX Birthday Bash. 

We feel like this show is a celebration of making it through the past three years. Yes, it was around three years ago I stood on that Metallica stage at the United Supermarkets Arena and promised that your support would be noticed and it was; it’s just the world got in the way. We were able to squeeze in that KISS show the following March, then -- boom! -- everything was over.

I'm hoping that we see a lot of support for this show and it opens even more doors for us. As I mentioned yesterday, radio stations and other media outlets from all over the area will be promoting this show, and that's a very big thing.

The show will happen on September 7th, 2022 at the United Supermarkets Arena. Yeah, it’s a Wednesday, and no, we don't care. You have plenty of time to schedule a vacation or sick day for the day after. We're going to party and we're going to rock and the entire world can go to hell on Thursday if that's what it takes to check out Korn and Evanescence on Wednesday night.

You can pre-buy your tickets Wednesday, May 18th starting at 10 a.m. CT with the 94.5 FMX codeword: Purple. Download our app to get a reminder. We'll have further updates on KFMX.com as they become available. Keep in mind these will be reserved seats, so don't delay.

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