Excuse me if I missed this memo, but it now costs how much to go to the lake?

I can no longer say with a straight face that Buffalo Springs Lake gives you any real bang for your buck. I will also say that I personally think that the new fee schedule is about keeping some people out instead of just keeping the place up (even though the poor aren't the ones causing problems).

The lake claims to have about 1 million visitors each year. Now, they're asking for a $15 per person entry fee if you're an adult (that's 11 years and older). Of course, you're going to pay a heck of a lot more if you want to bring a bike, jet ski or boat. Each of those costs an extra $20. That's how all of this came up on our radar. We were actually tagged and noticed regular listeners in a huge complaint thread.

Here are a couple of choice comments.

"And y'all wonder why people sneak into the lake FMX." -- S.Canales

"I'm not paying that much to watch a piece of dookie float on the water." -- W. Wicker

I did a quick search and for all-day parking by the Huntington Beach Pier in California it's $15. For that $15, you can squeeze as many as you want into a car and experience the ENTIRE OCEAN. Let me also mention that it's always clean, has lifeguards, there are no upcharges, with clean restrooms, outdoor showers and more. Plus you can take your bike, surfboard or whatever for free. Oh, and you don't even have to pay that. There are plenty of places to park for less or free, that's just for what I'd call premium access.

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For the record, lake admission was $6 in 2014, $8 in 2015, $10 in 2017 and $11 in 2018. I'm not sure how we got from $11 to $15. So here's a question for you, did your salary double since 2015?

I guess if I was better with numbers I could figure out where Buffalo Springs Lake money goes, but it truly is my feeling (and it has been for some time) that the people who were once like you -- who visited the lake, who loved the lake and who eventually moved to the lake, would be much happier if you just didn't go.

It's time for supply and demand to take care of this one by skipping the trips to the lake this year.

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