We cannot figure out why this video keeping trending, time after time. It stinks!

We have several videos that have trended nationally. It makes sense that a video of a Lubbock soldier coming home and surprising his kids at school is a big deal. FMX's clip of the moment has amassed over 1.5 million views since April 2017. Of course, people like seeing Heathen shot in the bare chest with a pepperball because jackassery always does well. My own video about a gross story Blackie Lawless of WASP told me firsthand has also gone nuts.

But this one is just a video about two guys complaining about how bad a bathroom smells.

In the video, former 94.5 FMX deejay Rooster and our ex-production director Doug wrinkle their noses up at what was apparently an excessively foul bathroom. There's no one jumping out, there's no chupacabra, there are just two guys talking about how bad it smells.

Still, this video keeps trending and trending. There's a ton of comments, too -- almost 1,500 of them. Let's highlight some samples to save you a bit of time.

"This is like psicológical horror, where you never see what the scary thing is, so your mind makes it up" -- J. Mora

"The fact that it was possibly the camera guy and he's saying, 'somebody should be ashamed of themselves' while laughing, makes this video so much funnier to me. He lured Doug to his doom" -- Guitaristnate

"I worked at a call center. Everyday someone would go take a dump on the floor in the bathrooms. We even coined him a nickname around the office, 'the poop bandit.' He was never caught..." -- Dark Star King

"'Bomb has been planted' 'Terrorists win'" -- now insert meme here

"It’s 2am and I’m trying so hard not to laugh reading these comments" -- Trathall

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