I'm going to say it again: it's embarrassing the way some people behaved to the In This Moment/Black Veil Brides concert postponement. Many raced to judgment with no information and immediately accused them of the worst. These band members develop thick skins, but there's still no excuse to treat our guests that way.

Below you can see one of the band members from In This Moment, guitarist Randy Weitzel, actually being treated for COVID-19. Below that, you can see Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides announce a special acoustic show in Denver, Colorado as a band member is treated for coronavirus.

Fortunately for Weitzel, he was vaccinated so he's going to pull through, despite having a very bad case of COVID-19. (How cool is it that his Gene Simmons tattoo is on display?)

I would like to ask you true FMX fans to do a couple of things at this point. No. 1: respect these guys' privacy while they heal; and no. 2: Let every troll, hater and loudmouth know that these two suffered genuine health scares and deeply regret that they could not play for you.

I think we can also infer from Weitzel's post that a substitute guitar player will be used so that the tour can resume until he is ready to get back on the road. Judging by the way he's talking about his health now, he's really going to be pushing it to rejoin them by October 3rd. (Bands don't always have a tech that can back one of the main guys up, so they probably needed a few days to fly someone in, rehearse with them and get ready for the show.) We should know pretty quickly who the fill-in guitarist is.

We know In This Moment will reschedule the Lubbock, Texas date (the 39th FMX Birthday Bash, which was originally set for 2020), and we certainly hope Black Veil Brides will accompany them when they come back.

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