Today is the 20th.  It's not just special 'cause it's the first day of Spring; it's also exactly one month until two days that will shake the Hub!  It's also 9 days until we start the greatest round of "Pick-a-Ticket" ever. Given a choice, which show would you choose (or would you just buy the other?)?  TONS MORE INFO AFTER THE JUMP!

Yes, it will indeed be the greatest weekend of live music EVER in Lubbock Texas. Through a quirk in booking, the FMX Birthday Bash and X-Fest 9 will be on two consecutive days. We get started with our 31st celebration on 4/20 (appropriate right?) then continue on 4/21. Are you ready to see the entire lineup? Here ya go!


Here's The Set Times For The Show!

(all times approximate)

Doors 5:00 pm

Ampitheater Stage

Korn 10:15 – 11:45

Chevelle 8:35 – 9:45

Lacuna Coil 7:20 – 8:05

Cavo 6:20 – 6:50

Dead Sara 5:30 – 6:00

Pavilion Stage

DJ’s Datsik, Sluggo & J.Devil  11:45 – 2:00 (Dub Step Party)

New Medicine 10:00 – 10:30

Janus 8:20 – 8:50

Veer Union 6:50 – 7:20

Korn Headlines The Bash!

It's important to point out that this is the full concert experience from Korn and they were gracious enough to let us turn it into a festival. Korn does their dubstep set then comes back out and does basically what amounts to their "greatest hits". Chevelle will also be doing a full set, along with Lacuna Coil. As you may have noticed we'll be alternating between the two stages, including an after party in the Pavilion with three dubstep d.j.s that Korn is carrying along on tour.

X-Fest 9

On Saturday 4/21 X-fest 9 takes place featuring legendary bands Godsmack and Staind with hot as hell Halestorm and Man Made Machine.

Doors 5:30 pm


Man Made Machine    6:30 - 7:00

Halestorm        7:20 - 8:00

Staind              8:20  - 9:35

Godsmack       10:05 - 11:20


James Durbin 11:20 - 11:55

RedLight King 12:15 - 1:00

FMX will also be utilizing it's Voodoo Lounge sidestage access area. Admission to this area is with a wristband only. These wristbands can only be won on FMX. You will be able to sign up for some (along with tickets) in the V.I.P. /Bombsquad area of

What's With The Weird Dates?

The very next day it's X-Fest 9. This will make this the greatest weekend of straight up hard rock in Texas. We anticipate a run on hotel rooms (see below for preferred lodging) as we've already heard from other markets who want to send people to the show.

So in short, YES the date for the FMX Birthday Bash is 4/20 with X-Fest 9 on 4/21. The 'Bash usually takes place in February or March, but we couldn't turn down this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Get Your Tickets

Here's the link for tickets.


The Baymont Inn & Suites is sponsored a totally remodeled look and is extending a $69 rate for FMX Birthday Bash and X-Fest 9 fans. The place is smoke free, except for the LEGENDARY Recovery Room Bar upstairs. Best of all, it's at 3901 19th so it's a straight shot to the venue at 602 E. 1ith. It's also just about ten minutes from the airport if you're flying in.

Other Stuff!
  • The venue has secured parking for $5, if you choose to use it. There's plenty of parking outside the area if you don't mind walking. It's the same rules for cars and motorcycles.
  • The venue sells beer, mixed drinks and soft drinks. Prices are actually pretty reasonable for a concert venue.
  • No, you can't "just spend the night" at the venue to go to X-Fest 9 the next day.
  • No you can't buy backstage passes or meet and greets (unless specially offered on the artists website).
  • Smoking is allowed at this venue
  • Concert security and Law Enforcement are on hand
  • Venue features large front of stage area and grassy hills for seating or standing.
  • 2-4 Food Vendors with everything from Barbeque to nachos are usually on hand.
  • The Lone Star Event Center is at 602 East 19th (just outside Loop 289) in Lubbock, Tx. There is no number for concert information available from the venue.
  • Did we miss a question? You can email here for an answer.

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